Supporting Genuine Cowichan Knitting

Coast Salish Resilience and Cultural Identity Are Present in Every Cowichan Sweater.

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Indigenous Craft, Ethical Fashion

Every genuine Cowichan sweater supports Indigenous artisans, celebrates their craft, and fortifies the values of responsible consumption. It’s not just luxury fashion, it’s fashion with integrity.

Why buy authentic?

Invest in Unique Elegance

Knit Cowichan sweaters—more than fashion, they’re investments of timeless style and rarity. Wearing one, you adorn a blend of culture, history, and appreciating craftsmanship.


The True Value of Craftsmanship

With each Knit Cowichan sweater purchase, you honor artisan skill, support fair wages, uphold heritage, and contribute uplifting communities.


Indigenous Art is not a Commodity

Choose authenticity over imitation. Each genuine Cowichan sweater bolsters Indigenous artisans, celebrates craftsmanship, and embodies responsible consumption.


Be a Part of Change

Stand against cultural appropriation—support Indigenous knitters, foster ethical practices, enrich understanding. Wear your Cowichan sweater as a symbol of this meaningful movement.


Trust in Every Stitch of Authentic Cowichan Sweaters

Cowichan sweaters, passed down through Indigenous generations, oppose fake “Cowichan-style” imitations. Choosing these sustainable treasures aligns luxury fashion with social responsibility.

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The Threads of Time

The Cowichan sweater is more than just a garment—it’s a canvas narrating the tales of the Coast Salish people. From ancestral legends to personal stories, every pattern is shaped by its knitter. Learn more about the rich tapestry woven into every piece.

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Empowering Indigenous Communities

Knit, initiated by the Victoria Native Friendship Centre (VNFC) in October 2023, is led by Ron Rice – Wush’q MGC, the Executive Director of VNFC. A member of Cowichan Tribes, he has dedicated over 25 years to Indigenous community leadership, innovation, and volunteering.

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Victoria Native Friendship Centre

VNFC, an Indigenous-led charitable non-profit in Southern Vancouver Island, BC, operates on Lək̓ ʷəŋən People’s territory, known as the Songhees & Xwsepsum today. With 140+ dedicated staff, VNFC offers 75+ programs to strengthen the well-being of urban Indigenous individuals, families, and communities, providing a sense of wellness and belonging.

For over 52 years, the VNFC has been a vital Indigenous not-for-profit resource, offering numerous programs, including full daycare, early childhood development, family violence prevention, law and health services, mental health and addiction support, education and entrepreneurial programs, youth services, food security, housing, housing support, Elder programs, Indigenous library, food and medicine garden, a community kitchen, and cultural and arts events.