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Authentic Cowichan Sweaters, A Symbol of Cultural Heritage

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The Mark of Genuine Cowichan Sweaters

Having an authentic Cowichan sweater means owning a wearable piece of art that represents the rich cultural heritage, meticulous craftsmanship, and deep connection to the land and traditions of the Coast Salish First Nations people.

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Avoid Fakes and Cultural Appropriation

Distinguishing genuine Cowichan sweaters from corporate cultural appropriations, such as the imitations spread since the 1950s, is crucial for avoiding profit-driven cultural exploitation.


Source and Certification

Purchase from reputable sellers or directly from Indigenous artisans or organizations supporting First Nations communities. Some Cowichan sweaters may come with certification or labels indicating their authenticity and supporting ethical production practices.

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Quality of Craftsmanship

Authentic Cowichan sweaters exhibit high-quality craftsmanship. Examine the overall construction, stitching, and finishing. Look for even tension in the knitting, well-executed pattern transitions, and secure seams.

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Natural Wool

Authentic Cowichan sweaters are typically made from locally sourced, undyed, and unprocessed wool, known for its warmth and durability. Check for the presence of natural fibers and look for variations in color or texture indicating the use of natural wool.

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Traditional Designs & Motifs

Authentic Cowichan sweaters feature distinctive and culturally significant designs inspired by nature, animals, totems, or geometric patterns. Research the traditional motifs associated with Cowichan sweaters to identify if they align with the design of the sweater in question.

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Handcrafted Knitting

Cowichan sweaters are traditionally hand-knit using intricate techniques passed down through generations. Look for evidence of handcrafted details, such as irregular stitches or slight variations, as a sign of authenticity.

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